stephens story


Guys, please read #stephensstory on twitter or Facebook, he’s such an inspirational guy and I hope he does get 1 million, help raise awareness and donate if you can

Corrine Bailey Rae: Put Your Records On


reasons to let me cuddle you:

  • I will stick my cold hands all over your body
  • I’ll probably fall asleep on you and make cute sleep noises
  • I can lay there long enough for the second coming of christ
  • nuzzling???
  • I will be smiling the whole time
  • you’re warm and I’m not
  • let me leech your heat
  • please




Yes but how do I know that you’re dating me for my heart and not for my international criminal empire

Because your international criminal empire is what you do, and not who you are.

That is so sweet I might just stab someone


i currently have a crush on 94 people at the same time 


french weed joke:



I want a smoke and I want to get drunk and I want to be kissed and I want to feel something